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Where am I and why am I in this handbasket? Purpose? "To stimulate any sort of thought in any sort of way about any sort of thing."
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:: Friday, April 25, 2008 ::

The View From Gate 14 -- Peggy Noonan

Now that it no longer seems to matter even Peggy Noonan has completely turned her back on Brother Bush. For the record, I believe Ms. Noonan to be a person of intelligence and sincerity, unlike the people she has most recently supported, but this is life, and this is neither a bitter nor an "I told you so" post. In cases like this I would rather just be wrong, but here we are at a possible beginning of light, painful process that it is. I endorse no party or candidate, just Truth.

You all know what it is, it's that thing that nags at you at night. The thing that whispers to you that you are not doing your best, whatever that means to you personally. You will often be inclined to ignore it, to rationalize and justify your shortcomings, but you mustn't. It is a path to suffering for you AND others. I am as guilty of it as anyone, and so am woefully inadequate to explain what it is with logic or words or anything else. Fortunately I don't have to, because you already know, and the more trauma we inflict on ourselves and others the more obvious it will become.

It cannot be avoided. Vengeance, judgment, and fear all get passed back and forth, just as forgiveness, tolerance, and hope do. Please, take a moment with yourself and decide which side you are really on, and then live it... with the most absolute sincerity that you can muster. I promise to do the same, and when we all finish traversing our infinite paths we will meet at the end. As it was, is, and always will be...

:: Damian B. 4/25/2008 [+] ::
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