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:: Friday, November 04, 2005 ::

GOP mulls ending birthright citizenship

"House Republicans are looking closely at ending birthright citizenship and building a barrier along the entire U.S.-Mexico border as they search for solutions to illegal immigration..."

This is a debatable issue; being a descendant of immigrants who were luckily considered "legal," I am clearly better than these people *clears throat*, but frankly, this seems to be a proposal from a very selfish and fearful group of folks.

This is why... Many in this country have no qualms with making money off of these people's labor when they get the chance. People who are determined enough to come here only to face likely exploitation are the freeloaders? It's hypocrisy.

And before you get all narrow headed, I understand there are problems, but perhaps there are more enlightened courses... perhaps not...

P.S. I can't help but mention that the above article is from the Washington Times, a newspaper owned by the "Reverend" Sun Myung Moon, a korean immigrant billionaire who is extremely active in "conservative" politics, believes himself to be the messiah and future ruler of the world, and has even had a mock coronation ceremony on Capitol Hill. Truth is by far stranger than fiction, no? If you find all of this curious you can start here for an in depth look, including video of our politician's little ceremony with Mr. Moon (at the top). Believe it... or not!

:: Damian B. 11/04/2005 [+] ::
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