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:: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 ::

Mistakes led to London subway shooting

That is a bit of a silly headline, but perhaps it should be made clear that the police didn't shoot the wrong man on purpose. Anyway, it's quite an article if all of it is confirmed. If it is, it would make the amended version of events uncomfortably different than what the London police originally claimed. Hrmph...

Freedom is starting to scare even me. Imagine when you sit down in the subway car and suddenly hear a pack of plain-clothes police officers screaming at you, and shortly thereafter sending seven bullets screaming through that strange look on your face. Eh well, I suppose it will someday become just one of those inherent risks that you assume when you get out of bed in the morning, like car accidents and terrorists.

Welcome to Extreme Freedom yall! Be Safe.

:: Damian B. 8/16/2005 [+] ::
heh heh hehe
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