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:: Tuesday, July 26, 2005 ::

PAPER: Bin Laden Had Plan To Sell Poisoned Cocaine To Americans In 2002

Naw, I didn't make it up. Apparently the New York Post reported this today (you have to register with them to read it online, and I'm not really that interested). Didn't take long after Downing St. memos, Karl Rove leaks, and near Iraqi civil war for us to regain our focus and resolve... on being frightened witless. We can't even trust our coke anymore?!

It seems a silly thing for Osama to do, perhaps he has more of a sense of humor than is portrayed. It would definitely cause a quirky little dilemna over whether to feel bad for the victims or not, especially for "republicans." That is, of course, if there were any politicians that would survive a contamination of the cocaine supply.

*insert drum strike and smilin', chicken-winged, sideways shuffle off the stage*

:: Damian B. 7/26/2005 [+] ::
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