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Where am I and why am I in this handbasket? Purpose? "To stimulate any sort of thought in any sort of way about any sort of thing."
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:: Wednesday, May 25, 2005 ::

War Veteran's Sue Rumsfeld

"Residents of a historic retirement home for war veterans filed a class-action lawsuit yesterday against Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, asserting that the Pentagon chief has imposed excessive and illegal cutbacks in on-site medical and dental services..."

Boy, I can't wait to hear the right-wing extremists come down on these war veterans as a bunch of whining democrats or something... I think that's a joke.

Anyway, I'm sure most of us can agree that veteran's should not have to be suing anybody for anything. They should be about the most cared for people in the country by my reckoning. What we have though are food drives for soldiers families, and "Support Our Troops" car-magnets for donations, despite an astronomical military budget. Meanwhile, who gets pampered?

Explain to me how a person sits down to a fine meal and retires to a peaceful slumber, while the people who make all of their wild, and often misguided plans possible go without.

They say that they pray before bed.

*I preach therefore I am*

:: Damian B. 5/25/2005 [+] ::
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