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:: Thursday, March 03, 2005 ::

US developing 'pain from a distance' weapon

Baaadaaas! Who wants these nasties crawlin' around? Friggin' lasers and expanding plasma. These sure are excitin' times.

Whatever. Cruel farce life sometimes is. I think Yoda may have said that. What a depressing lie Democracy has become when a people who govern themselves must resort to sci-fi treachery to keep themselves and the world in line. One of the most idealistic styles of governing ever conjured from the human intellect has proven to be very human indeed. There could never be enough "checks and balances" to keep the most sleazily cunning of us from seeping in and corroding the foundations.

Without fail this seems to happen to every nation who prospers enough that the people become complacent. After the people become complacent, the government becomes more and more corrupt. As corruption grows incompetence grows, because it really doesn't take a degree from Yale to suckle yourself on the lifeblood of your fellow man. Shortly thereafter said nation usually finds out what an arrogant prick it has become when they collapse through whatever means and have to relearn it all from the beginning. 'Rinse and repeat' is the punchline to the Cosmic Joke.

It doesn't have to happen. We have to pay attention to them, all of them, and not just listen to 7 second soundbytes. Nobody wants to, but it's proven necessary time and again. It's what you might call your 'civic duty' since you govern yourself and all. Why don't you get to decide if you spend your money on a plasma weapon for pacifying crowds? For some reason a billboard I saw during the election season bubbles to mind. It said, "Remember. It's Your Money." What that really means is, "F*** You!"

:: Damian B. 3/03/2005 [+] ::
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