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Where am I and why am I in this handbasket? Purpose? "To stimulate any sort of thought in any sort of way about any sort of thing."
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:: Monday, September 27, 2004 ::

Pentagon Updating Plans for Possible Military Action in Iran, Syria

I'll never be able to believe how little news we actually get through the television. You have multiple 24-hour 'news' stations and the three main networks all crankin' it out every single day. What do you get though? About 5 'major' headlines in roughly the same order from every one of them, repeated and analyzed over and over, no matter how incredibly mundane. Let's take a sampling from today...

- Hurricanes
- U.S. pounds militant positions in Baghdad
- Catholic bishop indicted on child rape charges
- Oil nears $50 a barrel, hits all-time high
- Record producer Spector indicted for murder
- Pfc. England's court-martial set for January

- Hurricanes
- US Bombs Sadr City
- Kennedy: US Less Safe Now
- Spector Charged with Murder
- French Bank Targeted in Oil-for-Food Scam
- Ex-Springfield Bishop Indicted for Child Rape

- Hurricanes
- Insurgents attack Iraqi military targets
- U.S. commander: Bin Laden likely in Pakistan
- Pregnant soldier faces Abu Ghraib court-martial
- Bush, Kerry prep for first face-to-face debate
- Man convicted of keeping accidentally mailed wages

Those are the top six headlines as of five minutes ago from the websites of three of the 24-hour 'news' outfits. A lot of the rest of the news is still there, but sadly you most often have to get it yourself. It seems that our journalists today are largely 'career-oriented' types, though that doesn't really make sense for there are much easier and more lucrative choices for that sort of individual. So, what are they thinking? Are they gagged? Are they afraid to be labeled 'terrorist sympathizers'? You tell me. Or is everything kosher and I'm just buggin' out here? That would be really good to know. Developing...

:: Damian B. 9/27/2004 [+] ::
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