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:: Friday, May 17, 2002 ::

U.S. warned in 1995 of plot to hijack planes, attack buildings - CNN

The dirt just keeps coming up. Now the spin is going to need a spin doctor. The, "We had 'general' knowledge, but absolutely no way of knowing how or what would come about. In a 'pre-911' world these things never occured to anyone." Gimme a break, please.

Remember, this is an administration that prides itself on being "straight-shooting," while our president won't even hold a press conference. Have you noticed that this is the most closely guarded president since Reagan's later years? How embarassing do you think it would be if he actually submitted himself to questioning on something of importance? It would be nice to believe in the guy but this pudding's devoid of proof.

This is all being dismissed as "second guessing." That would be fine to do if these were allegations lacking grave implications. This is the part that really confuses me anyway. How do 4 airplanes (with at least some security measures) get hijacked over american skies, turned around, and flown back towards major population areas. Without so much as a jet scrambled to intercept until the whole terrible business was done with. Remember the Payne Stewart plane crash where everyone lost consciousness and the plane was just flying on it's own. Well, that was a private jet, which would sensibly have much less security precaution taken than a commercial flight, but something fishy was picked up fairly quickly. Point? They had a jet trailing the sucker.

This has nothing to do with politics, or personal vendetta, or any other such nonsense. I would just like our leader to explain these things in his "straight-shooting" manner, but I won't hold my breath.

:: Damian B. 5/17/2002 [+] ::
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